United Overcomer Church of God
Reverend Stephen Morrison
Associate Pastor Lincoln Sutherland
1068 W. 28TH Street
Riviera Beach, Florida 33404
(561) 842-1629

Reverend Stephen Morrison

Reverend Stephen Morrison was born in Manchester, Jamaica, the youngest child of god fearing parents. He relocated to Kingston at an early age after the untimely death of his father. He was blessed with a mother who was a prayer warrior and who had the gift of discerning. Despite his Christian upbringing, he joined a gang in his early youth and became leader of the infamous ?pigeon gang? in Kingston. God has a purpose and tremendous calling for Reverend Morrison and as a young adult he yielded himself to the call of God. Reverend Morrison is known for his knowledge of the word of God and for his extreme generosity. He is blessed with the gifts of teaching, preaching, discerning, prophecy, knowledge, interpretation of tongues and speaking in tongues. He is an ordained youth leader, evangelist and Pastor. He has a special desire to see young people save and on fire for God. He is a husband, father and grandfather.