United Overcomer Church of God
Reverend Stephen Morrison
Associate Pastor Lincoln Sutherland
1068 W. 28TH Street
Riviera Beach, Florida 33404
(561) 842-1629


1. The Finance Committee
2. The Musicians (Overcomer Unity Band)
3. Young People Endeavor
4. Ladies Committee

Singing Trio and Quartet Groups:

5. The Daughter’s of Zion
6. The Overcomer Brothers
7. Recording Artist & Studio
8. Masters of Ceremony-Officiating at Fundraising Concerts/Programs

Singing Groups:

9. The Adult Choir
10. The Young Adult Choir
11. The Gospel Lights
12. Drama Group
13. Song and Poetry Writers


14. Half Hour Radio Program airs every Sunday from 3-3:30pm on 97.5 FM.

If you read this and have a mind and heart to win souls, we challenge you to get involve with this work. “We are not divided, all one body we; One in hope and spirit, one in charity.” [contact us]


Irene Sutherland Treasurer
Gail Johnson General Secretary
Blossom Swaby Asst. Secretary
Anthony Morrison Youth Pastor
Constantine Cunningham Men’s President
Lance Stewart Asst. President
Altimon White Finance Committee
Sheldon Dacres Engineer of Music
Dawn Morrison Finance Leader
Marcia Simpson Asst. Finance ldr
Michelle Page Ladies President
Mellanie Stewart Vice President
Windell Page Master of Ceremony
Richard Henry Master of Ceremony
Daedron Swaby Youth President
Loren Samuels Youth Secretary
Kayon Swaby Ladies Secretary
Solange Elie Sales Outreach
Warren Samuels Lead Drummer
Lilieth Samuels Adult Choir Director
Lovelette & Castro Tomlinson Caterer’s of Caribbean Cruisine